I am writing a middlegrade novel and hoping to have it finished by the end of August. Some days I think it is the best thing I’ve ever written. Other days, I think it needs a lot of work. Mostly I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and try not to judge it too harshly. It’s trying to get from my head to the page. That’s a big job and mostly I try not to step in the way.

Back your protagonist into a corner


I wrote my character into a corner. Not on purpose. I just came to a point where the other guy was winning and I didn’t know what Reece could do about it. The other guy had the law on his side. So, I closed my computer and got up. Took a break. And then the next scene came to me. I realized I should back my character in a corner more often. A protagonist up against insurmountable odds is interesting. And if the writer doesn’t immediately know how the character is going to fix things, then perhaps the reader will also be stumped. I like that idea of stumping the reader.

Write with Friends


One thing I’ve learned over my years of writing is to gather friends together and write. Sometimes we gather in groups of three or four. Sometimes just one on one. I like to meet at a cafe. First we chat. I listen to how things are going in my friend’s life and I ask about their writing. We open our notebooks and sometimes we set a timer for an hour. An hour of writing is a good long time to sink into a scene. The company of another writer working away at the same table inspires me. After the time is over and if the cafe is not too loud, we read to each other.



This is a site that talks about writing. Sometimes I throw in my own drawings or photos to make things a bit more lively. Drawings make everything more fun including a discussion about writing.

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